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  1. Fenriktilar says:
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  2. Arashakar says:
    Oo- definition, a combining form meaning “egg,” used in the formation of compound words: oogamous. See more.
  3. Mezirg says:
    O&O Software develops award-winning windows software for PC-optimization, data imaging, backup, secure data deletion, data recovery and administration.
  4. Sashura says:
    Define oo-. oo- synonyms, oo- pronunciation, oo- translation, English dictionary definition of oo-. egg Examples of words with the root oo-: oocyte pref. Egg; ovum: oogenesis. or combining form egg or ovum: oosperm. a combining form meaning “egg”: oogamete.
  5. Voodook says:
    Acronym Definition OO Object Oriented (Programming) OO OpenOffice OO Olive Oil OO Peroxide (functional group) OO On Order OO Over and Out OO Ozzy Osbourne OO Oval Office OO Owner Operator (trucking industry; also seen as O/O) OO Operations Officer OO Owner-Occupied (real estate) OO Sky West Airlines OO Official Observer (amateur radio) OO .
  6. Zulkirg says:
    (Gold ) The sound “OO-OO-OO” was verbally described in a presentation by Harvey S. Gold, Lead Design for Six Sigma and Black Belt, DuPont .
  7. Voodooshura says:
    "Oo! Oo! Oolong!" (ウーロンあらわる!! Ūron Arawaru!!, lit. "Oolong Appears!!") is the fifth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The cover features Bulma wearing a military uniform and standing in front of an airplane, while Goku is standing behind, curiously looking at it. The cigarette in Bulma's mouth was removed for the Kanzenban edition.
  8. Telrajas says:
    Disclaimer. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only.
  9. Dumuro says:
    Giving someone the finger. The four o's represent a finger and one of them is raised. The same as _-__.

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