9 thoughts on “ The Kisses At The End Of His Texts ”

  1. Fejinn says:
    Aug 12,  · My husband is He has a text on his phone from a younger colleague who is now his secondary line manager. It was sent on his birthday and says 'Happy Birthday, have a lovely day x x. He has sent her a couple of messages saying things like what he has been doing that day (mundane stuff) but puts a x at the end.
  2. Bakinos says:
    In the UK, x on a letter signifies a friendly kiss, and in modern times this has carried forward to emails and text messages. I am a man. If I send an informal message to my wife, mother or other female relatives, or female friends, I would normal.
  3. Daicage says:
    Hmm not on really. I put kisses on the end to boyfriends and some girlfriends but wouldn't to my boss for instance. Saying that my Dsis husband put a kiss on the end of a text to a female friend and when she questioned it he in all innocence thought that meant over and out. He was a novice texter at the time.
  4. Arasho says:
    Feb 18,  · We no longer send messages expressing our unrequited love at 2am with thirteen kisses on the end. This is now for taking the piss, or a way of agreeing and thanking Tom AC.
  5. Mozahn says:
    Aug 23,  · More than half of office affairs start with flirting colleagues putting an X at the end of a text or an email, a new survey has revealed. But in many cases the kisses used in electronic.
  6. Goltigrel says:
    If a guy that you are friends with starts putting an x at the end of his texts what does that mean? An x at the end of a text indicates a kiss, and is usually meant to express that he particularly.
  7. Motilar says:
    If a guy stops putting kisses (x) at the end of his texts is that a sign of disinterest? 4. Add Opinion. Most Helpful Guys. CrazyTurboBeast. Xper 4 +1 y. No, I don’t always do that. I don’t mind if the girl does but I view texting as a means to an end to convey messages.
  8. Goshicage says:
    Jul 15,  · I had to text my driving instructor today to ask him if I can change a lesson. Only, at the end of the text I put 'Thanks. Roxy x' I just automatically put the kiss (x) at the end of all my text messages, and my friend saw this text and she was like ''omg I bet he thinks you fancy him now!'' She was kinda teasing me, but do you think he might think this?
  9. Tutaxe says:
    Nov 30,  · Then why are you habitually putting kisses on the end of emails and texts to them? Because increasingly, straight men are doing just that. Kisses were once reserved for your mum, girlfriend and/or that girl you were flirting with. But in recent years, the explosion of iPhone use, social networks and messaging apps means that kisses are now so.

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